It easily decreased my painting time by 50%. I actually had fun painting with The Belt Bucket. I was up and down a ladder with no problem. It made painting a lot easier.
— Steve F.
Neatest invention since sliced bread! I’m certain the belt bucket saved me from falling or dropping paint from the top of my ladder. Thank you so very much. I will promote this product to everyone I see.
— Lorne W.
I had to do a decorative finish on beams that were two stories up. It was impossible to move ladders around below so I had to climb around on the beams. I really needed to have both hands free. The Belt Bucket made an impossible painting project possible! Thanks . . . what a great idea!”
— Ladd M.
I was concerned that the belt bucket would get in the way or make me feel like I was walking on egg shells. It totally didn’t. I had no spills or felt compromised at all. The bucket just moved as I moved, it felt like a part of me (if that makes sense). I love my new painting tool!
— Amanda S.
I used my Belt Bucket while installing a split rail fence. It’s so much easier to use than a carpenter’s tool belt. I haven’t even used it to paint yet - but I’m sure it will surpass my expectations.
— Matt M.
Wow! I’ve been using the Belt Bucket for a couple of weeks. I have used it on a few different jobs and now I won’t leave for work without one, actually two. I’ve been wearing two buckets, one to hold paint and the other to hold different sizes of brushes, rags, etc. It makes my job so much easier!
— Mary Kay H.
I knew the belt bucket was great at first glance but I can’t tell you how much it went over and above my expectations! I’ll never do another job without it.
— Jay D.
I love the belt bucket! I have been using the bucket for years. If all of a sudden I was in some alternate universe where there was only one belt bucket in existence, and it was listed on eBay, I wouldn’t think twice about clicking $500.00 for the purchase. Once in a while, I will find myself at a job where I don’t have a belt bucket. Those moments really make me appreciate the device!
— Steve M.