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Does the Belt Bucket spill?

When used properly, the Belt Bucket does not spill. The bucket only needs to be filled one-third full and will cover up to 400 linear feet.

Is the Belt Bucket heavy?

No. When filled to the recommended 1/3 level (1 quart ), the entire Belt Bucket kit (including clip, applicator, liner and paint) only weighs 3 lbs.

How much can I paint with such a small amount?

The Belt Bucket, designed to save you time and improve safety will cover up to
400 linear feet when filled to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Is the Belt Bucket reusable?

Yes. The Belt Bucket is made from sturdy plastic that allows you to use it,
clean it and reuse it again indefinitely.

How easy is it to clean?

The Belt Bucket was designed using a durable hard plastic, making it easy
to wipe down or rinse off.

DIY's Cool Tools explains the Belt Bucket

2 brush clips

paint liners

Heavy Duty Belt
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